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. >>> they are trying to make california public schools green. they will update the efficiency of public schools in california. it's being introduced by an assembly woman. the recent funding would come from proposition 39 and it comes from a fund. >>> police say 44-year-old john roady robbed the class sunday night. he took computers and other electronics. police recovered some of those during his arrest. he was on probation for burglary and now he faces new charges. >>> we have a car versus a dear at the paradise east bound. it is backed up and running, here is a look at the east shore freeway and mcarthur maze no dislace, traffic is flowing -- no delays, traffic is flowing well in both directions. >>> light rain is trying to develop up in lake men seen know, rain is slowly returning north. again, this is a much weaker system. there is a lot of moisture out there, also into the cruz mountains as -- into the santa cruz mountains as well. ukiah, at last check it was rain and drizzle and it looks like things will start to juice up but we have much lower, lows, everything is close but there will not
is rosemary. >>> this rain you see moving through the northern edge of california will continue to shift in our area land be quite active for the second half of your christmas. you can see the few and that has to offset the cooling but we really did cool down overnight but now i am seeing those numbers repound. a few light cells even a few sprinkles in hillside and the steady errand will hold -- steadier rain will hold off and until noontime it will not laugh, wednesday night into thursday. get my days straight. it is a chilly tart out there, upper 40s and lower 30s for part north bay. again the clouds are helping us out just a little bit. we have rain and win and even the possibility of isolated storms just on and off. 50s it is going to be a difficult one. scattered showers will remain wednesday morning. then we are drying out, partly cloudy skies with high coming up. >>> we'll see you in a few minutes. >> the criminal past of the sums -- suspect. >> the powerful storms could bring dangerous driving to certain parts of the country. >>> here is emoryville, we have an accident that we wa
it will reveal proposition 8. california's ban on same sex marriages. they met behind closed doors on friday. but prop 8 was not on the list. the court is set to release a number of cases at 6:30 this morning. and if the justices decline to review prop 8 that will let stand an appeals court ruling. same sex marriage could be legal again in california for days. >>> with less than a month to go it appears congress is no closer to keeping a country from going over that cliff. that is after guide never delivered a proposal from president obama. but house speaker john boehner says it's not a series plan. >> i was flabbergasted. i looked at him and said you can't be serious. i just never seen anything like it. >> if they are going to force higher rates on virtually all americans because they are not allowing tax rates to go up rob 2% of americans that is something we will have to face. >>> attorneys for oscar grant's family -- grant was shot and killed by police officer johannes mehserle on new years day back in 2009 in two oakland civil rights attorneys will argue before the ninth circuit court o
about the same as yesterday. so pam, it will be cold again. >> all right i'm prepared. >>> california is in for another day of unusually high tides as well. the tides are a result of specific positioning of the sun, moon, and earth. this time the water levels are unusually high. the king tide pushed water levels above seven feet along san francisco embarcadero. the high tide is expected to hit today between 11 and 12:30 this afternoon. the high tides and additional rains prompted street closures after flooding hit parts of san diego. look at that. the rainfall broke a record set in 1902. water took to the streets stranding drivers in their cars and adding hours to the compute time -- commute times. there are reports of mud slides and dozens of accidents. she's taking advantage of her dog is probably loving it. >> we grew up there in san diego. we know what it looks like there. >>> 4:38 now. the disturbing new video of a northern california officer that shot and killed a man is being made public. the case involving the officer and who pulled the trigger. >>> heading back to store shelv
a $100 sty fan. >>> people say now is the time to buy. tomorrow california's sales tax will go up one quarter percent statewide. it will increase to 7.5%. it may be small in comparison but some shoppers figure they will save a few extra dollars while they can. >> with the tax hikes and what have it, it will be more expensive. so why not save now? [ laughter ] >> the increase will last for four years but the good news the silver lining for consumers the sales increase does not apply to gas. >>> 4:37. let's get you out the door. let's two to tara. how does it look? >> it's looking pretty good. you used your trick with the credit card. that's my trick. cigarette work -- it works. >> it does. let's take a live look at your area freeways. traffic is moving along very nicely on the east shore freeway. at the bay bridge toll plaza we are not seeing any delays just yet into san francisco your drive is a nice one. 280 down in san jose same story. traffic looking good in both directions. here's steve. >>> thank you tara. a very good morning. very cold morning out there. the pattern is changing.
. >> reporter: security is weighing heavily on the minds on public and private schools. a california superintendent is expect -- isn't expecting a lot of discussion in the matter. now all 1100 school districts are being told to review their safety plans. many schools are considering putting new safety measures into place including cameras, guards, fences, and so some cases metal detectors. >> i'm confident california schools are safe and administrators are doing an excellent job in assuring the plans are fresh and up to date. >> reporter: some parents argue adding more security won't keep someone from entering a school. pointing out sandy hook elementary had a locked door into the school but the gunman shot his way through it. >> it's not going to stop somebody. that is their intention. they obviously think about it and then go do it. >> reporter: after the columbine shootings in colorado schools started doing armed intruder drills. you can expect those to increase. some districts are even talking about arming their educators. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 ne
killing one of the persons inside that vehicle and then tried to run from the copping. california highway patrol tells us this started as a regular pull over. as a stop for speeding. the driver had been spotted speeding but the chp had the car pulled over at 90th. the officers got back into their patrol car and began following the bmw. they lost sight of that car momentarily. when they came over the hill here they came upon this deadly crash. the entire incident took place in a minute or so. the bmwt-boned the lincoln killing one woman inside. >> the bmw collided into a black lincoln. the driver of the bmw jumped z out of the car and began running along with its passenger. >> reporter: they eventualize caught that driver and were able to make a good id because they got a good look at him after they pulled over that bmw. at this point there is no signs of that passenger. i talked to chp earlier this morning. they are interviewing that driver to find out who that passenger was. trying to find out why they ran. right now there is no indication of why they ran. that is still under investigati
. >>> you are looking at video of a vigil held in southern california last night. the small plane carrying him was missing early sunday after taking off following rivera's concert. the small wreckage has been found and the 43-year-old was born and raised in long beach. >>> a member of navy seal team 6 was killed after freeing an american doctor. he works out of colorado called morning star development. he was killed with two afghan morning star members. the seal team was sent in to rescue him after it showed he was in danger. >>> josh brent was released from jail on $500,000 bond and he said quote, he is just trying to deal with the death of jerry brown, his very best friend. he was driving when the car flipped over, he was on the cowboys practice squad and had been living with brent. >>> he wants to return to the u.s., an announcement he made during a news conference. >> i will be happy to go to america, america is my home where i was raised. and that's exactly what i want. >> john mcafee is now in a guatemala detention center. he was not involved he said in the shooting death. >>> in par
, they have defended the rights of gun owners. >>> california's teacher's pension fund is investigating the link. they make the bush master semiautomatic rifle and connecticut police have identified the bush rifle as the primary weapon in the school shooting. >>> and in a new sports scene, it is expected to open and the store will serve hunting fishing and law enforcement communities but at a town council meeting they said they were upset it was never presented to the public. >> we should have talked before this business permit was issued. >> i know some of the guys for a long time and they are outstanding citizens. >> the mayor of los gatos scheduled a discussion about permission for he selling firearms and they are not going to change it until the store moves. >>> witnesses are worried about a potential sinkhole and live with the details in place, tara? >> reporter: this is the area of road which has been shut down and that's because you can see this culvert and it is part of the road which has been compromised. with all of the recent rains, right near morgan territory road, a potenti
california as one of the states required to be working towards goals that are unachievable. they say basing it on teacher's test scores is under imageable the -- unimagable. >>> 4:46 getting you out the door now to the mall or going to work, id pes. tara is in for sal, what is it looking like? >> okay, i am leaving now. you can see it is wet out there so definitely take it slowly, you can see bay point, those headlights as you make your way towards concord, there are no delays. westbound traffic as you make your way towards the caldecott and at the sunole free grade traffic is moving well. let's check in with mark. >>> we tracked some real rain with heavy downpour and in petaluma 1.8. oakwood just over an inch and we will be adding not until later today. these are quick movers but you will and these are showers moved through and getting ready to move through in the hercules area and out towards crocket especially with the yellows out to the west, and moving to the base and south out towards the marina it looks like the bay bridge is dry and there is still lingering activities and scattered
officer. >>> and taking the life of an 11-year-old, coming up, it may all be linked. >>> the california highway patrol days between 74-and 75th, more than 1100 people were arrested for dui. police have set up a series of sobriety check -- sobriety checkpoints during the holidays. tara is in for sal castaneda. here is more. >>> we have a stalled car blocking the lane be aware of it. we will show you inn dense here to rewrap, this is between high street and we also have a closure near 4th street so be aware. 880 near the oakland coliseum, you can see traffic report is flowing well in both directions and traffic is on the right- hand side towards pleasanton, no delays are around to report. let's check in with mark. >>> dry roadways, we get a break in the rain lots of overcast skies, a big batch of clouds and skies are partly cloudy in the afternoon hours. we will introduce the chance of a few light showers and then over the weekend, chances of a morning showers are expected. we have rain showers up to our north and to our west, there is a chance of a few sprinkles moving in to the area. sa
on their patents. >>> they are trying to create a new ocean preserve in california. they would ban offshore drilling in a 50 miles per hour area to mendocino counties. the ocean report streps from -- stretches from bodega -- stretches from bodega bay and several people are spearheading the drive. >>> it will be difficult to find crab. a new price is keeping crab boats at the docks. they heard brokers wanted to lower the price from $3 a pound to a dollar 80. brokers say teeth man dropped sharply after thanksgiving and now they have too much of it. >>> well people are being asked to cut back on their water use over the next few days. the recent storms stirred upset mens at -- up sediments and it could be awhile before water has turned back to normal. golden gate bridge officials are saying the injured women on the span could have been prevented. it backed up traffic for miles in both directions. they could have had a long plan and moveable median in place. the design work is now in its final stages which means new medians could be put into place by 2014. >>> 4:53 is the time let's go back to
and the california king tide initiative is asking them to help create the initiative to help show what climate may look like today. >> you can share your photos with scientists and just look on today's hot topics. >> you watch tides appear because you are a surfer, right? >> yes, a little bit. >>> all right, 4:55 is the time, sal, how is the traffic. >> i am doing fine, pam and dude. it is going to be slow in some areas and i want to take you to some live pictures here in oakland, no major problems as you are driving on 880 northbound and southbound on the right it is a little bit wet out there because of the rain. southbound traffic here that is a little bit wet too and our camera is wet and windy too. there may be some gusty winds and be careful and use common sense if you will. southbound san jose that traffic is starting off with no major problems and we have a minor crash on the shoulder in trumpel. >> we will still have off and on showers on the coast and that seems to where the greatest instability lies. probably more cold and wind than anything else. we have a couple of scattered showers t
the man accused of firing off more than 50 gunshots outside of a southern california mall over the weekend. the other similar shooting he made that may involve two near disney land. >>> backtracking by instagram. the comments they are following the new photo policy. >>> westbound 24 looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. >>> good morning. freeze warning out for the north bay and for good reason. temperatures already in the 20s. frost advisory elsewhere. it will be sunny today. >>> back to our continuing coverage of the newtown shootings. more victims of the school massacre will be laid to rest today. reporter republican republican -- rene marsh joins us live. >> reporter: you know the first thing that caught our attention this morning is that we saw several school buses on their way to the second day of school here in newtown since that deadly school shooting. school is very different here these days. parents have cautiously sent their kids back to school. the close knit community is forever changed because of those 20 children who will never return to class. the invest
major problems traveling the mountains in northern california as well not only in the sierra over the next few days. we have rain showers coming up in the north bay. and the system does gradually slide to the south and we expect more rain tomorrow. tomorrow we could be tracking rains and dusty winds, multiple storms, first one is said to move in tonight and saturday, it could be heavy at times right through through the ken -- the weekend. >>> criticism over the movie the hunt for osama bin laden, some lawmakers are angry about and the result of the latest crash tests, the models that did well and the cars that disappointed, stay with us. . >>> welcome back. the upcoming hundred for osama bin laden at issue, scenes much cia officers torturing detainees. it suggestions key information about osama bin laden's whereabouts. they say they should clarify that the role of torture is based on narrative, not facts and it will be in theaters next month. >>> president barack obama will have a second inauguration ceremony. here are crews building the viewing stands and next month it will be s
. >>> a northern california police officer is under arrest. the attack he's accused of against an elderly woman that landed him behind bars. >>> today is what is rumored to be the end of the world. celebrations world-wide including here in the bay area. >>> good morning. northbound 101 traffic looks pretty good as you approach san francisco. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. >>> welcome back. good morning. we are looking at steady rain over the north bay at this hour. slowly pushing south during the morning drive. >>> welcome back. house speaker john boehner sent members of congress home for the holidays after he was forced to cancel a vote on his fiscal cliff plan b. boehner canceled the vote after realizing he didn't have enough support from his party members to pass the measure. it would have increased taxes on households earning more than a million dollars. boehner says it's now up to president obama and democratic senate majority leader harry reed to work out a way to avoid the fiscal cliff. >>> chevron corporation is moving as many as 800 of its emplo
california representative nancy pelosi and other leaders are not being allowed inside the negotiations. >>> oakland raiders fan fights for his life after falling from the third deck during last nights game. what the police are saying this morning. w
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